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Use Natural Resources Integrated Services And Solutions For Industry

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Who We Are

Use Natural Resources Integrated Services And Solutions For Industry

Invesenergy is the business area of ​​the Inves Group oriented to the consulting, development, sale, execution and maintenance of solar energy projects.

Features We Have Which Enhance Us

Building & Maintaining The Energy Infrastructures Throughout The World

Energy Around World

Enhance The Energy Production

Energy Around World

Our development division locates its alliances apart from Spain, in other countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Dubai and India.

Stability & Confort

Enhance The Energy Production

Stability & Confort

Our mission is focused in the productivity of our business model our PGS management protocol optimizes time and resources of our clients.

Renewable Resource

Enhance The Energy Production

Renewable Resource

We analyze dozens of potential investments in renewables looking for their safety and economic feasibility

Solar power We develop turnkey photovoltaic projects

Hibryd energy We consult projects for the development of hybrid energy. The combination of two renewable energies such as wind and photovoltaic in hybrid installations allows us to achieve clean and efficient energy.

Recycling plastic We develop plastic recycling consultancy

Wind energy We work with international companies for the implementation of wind energy production projects

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Who We Are

Using Innovative And Natural For Energy

Invesenergy works with a consortium of professionals and companies with a high level of qualification for the development of its projects.
It was recently created to bring together different professionals and companies with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, who are professionally involved in the different processes of developing and implementing photovoltaic energy projects. From this process of public-private collaboration, which was negotiated over a period of 12 months, it was agreed that a company would be set up which, by uniting the synergies of the promoters, would facilitate the incorporation and integration of all the professional parties that are necessary for the development and completion of the projects. In this way, the necessary multidisciplinary team was formed to guarantee the successful completion of the investments and projects being managed and, above all, to identify this company specifically as one that specializes in the comprehensive development of renewable projects, within the framework of the foreseeable expansive future of clean energy activity planned for the next decade in Spain.
It is a company specialized in the capture, promotion, development and structuring of EPC projects for the construction of turnkey photovoltaic parks.
Renewable Energy
Mission And Vision

“We believe in the right collaboration to save the earth - For its People”

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